Stage Sound Dance Floor System refuses to go wrong!

Stage Sound Dance Floor System refuses to go wrong!

We were asked about ten years by Mr Chris Yates (owner of Club Puma in Patmore) to provide a large dance floor sound system for his busy Polynesian Nightclub. The system utilises 8 loudspeaker enclosures including 4 x 18 inch W Bins.

The amazing thing is that this system was already about 15 years old when we installed it!

It is a tramped design and has an amplification power reserve of more than 4000 watts. The design includes a dual third octave graphic equaliser and a three way electronic crossover driving three of our own sonic misfit power amplifiers.

We were also asked to rebuild the existing system which was then moved into the adjacent bar. This system had been very poorly set up and maintained by the previous sound company and Chris was continually spending money replacing blown horn diaphragms that would not have failed had the system been tramped in the first place. This is a typical example of incompetent so called sound companies selling services they are out of their depth with. With no less than 35 years of active experience in system design and maintenance Stage Sound can say with total confidence that we know what we are doing and systems provided by us very seldom fail of give ongoing problems.

In June 2008 we upgraded the mid/high composites by fitting four B and C two inch horn drivers with the intention of eliminating the damage so often done to one inch drivers as the result of over driving them. We also added a DBX Drive Rack PX to provide even more protection by setting the limiters so that distortion could never occur.

If we were hoping to make any money out of servicing or maintenance, we would be very disappointed, because it virtually never goes wrong! This just goes to show that complicated and sophisticated technology is not always the best way to go in night club applications.

The system is thrashed by the DJ's four nights a week yet never misses a beat! The Sonic SMA series misfit power amps were made back in the late eighties and their external heat sinks cool the output transistors even if the fans clog up with dust and stop altogether? How many modern amplifiers can you name that will do that will do that without going into thermal meltdown or turning off?


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