Stage Sound Produce Killer Queen Concert in Snt Mathews.

Stage Sound Produce Killer Queen Concert in Snt Mathews.

Stage Sound Produce Killer Queen Concert For Rodney Council Breakup Party.

One of the best party nights we have ever done was produced for the Rodney Councils social club for their breakup bash at Snt Mathews Church in November.

The event was appropriatly named Party at the Palace and featured the Aussie nostalgia band Killer Queen. Stage Sound produced the entire entertainment sector. The gig ran flawlessly from beginning to end and a great time was had by all including us! The main front man John Blunt bore an uncanny likeness to Freddie Mercury and I did a double take when I first saw this guy. He really does take on Freddies persona and mimicks his moves and expressions that are so much like the real thing you feel as though you are watching a reincarnation of the man himself.

Check out my video:

The PA itself was nothing out of the ordinary, just a large B rig with 6 folback sends run by Bob Cambel. It included 4 subs, side / front fills and double 15 and 2 inch horn main bins. Plenty of power for the venue though with good headroom to spare.

We used Ben Stockwell at FOH who did the usual good job under the circumstances because the accoustics in Snt Mathews are horrible to say the least! Its wonder God bothers to attend church services at all!

We used our new high powered graphics laser to excellent effect by setting it up at the stage end and firing it at the rear wall. This worked really well with the hazers contribution, filling the building with streaming green light and adding a great lighting effect that was in keeping with the atmosphere of the overall show and character of the band itself.


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