Live Audio Engineering Tuition.

Basic course fee: $4000+GST.

Expressions of interest are invited from persons interested in learning the art of live audio engineering. Training will include working with live bands in a proffesional environment using sophisticated equipment and often a full PA rig. The cost and the amount of time involved will be up to the individual. Training can be offered on a one on one baisis or as part of a group of up to five students.

A full written course will be provided with numerous question and answer and practical sessions. The object being to pack a massive amount of information and practical experience into a reasonably short time frame.

How will the course be presented?

Upon the reciept of a down payment of $2000 the student will be given all of the written material and he can begin working through this at his own pace. This written material remains the undisputed intellectual property of the course administrators and cannot be copied or reproduced under any circumstances. It can however be retained indefinately for use by the registered student. The balance of $2000 will be payable in four $500 weekly installments. The practical course segments will be made up of various question and answer sessions, work experience and practical experience over the following four weeks. The student is gauranteed a minimum of five hours direct access to the tutor each week plus a further five hours working with live bands or PA equipment. However this is likely to be far more if work experience is included. The work experience increment is not compulsory but is highly recomended. At the end of this period the student can continue on training and performing work experience on the same basis until such time as he feels confident enough to begin working in the field. We reserve the right to submit course applicants to a selection process. By mutual agreement a student can withdraw from the course at any stage. No refunds will be given but the full amount of $4000 + GST will not be charged if the course is not completed. We believe this course offers very good value for money and those who complete it will have no regrets.

Those who partake in a group intake will recieve up to 30% discount depending on its size.

Applications can be made by phoning: Paul on 444 8776.


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