The Big Disco

The Big Disco!

This system is the serious DJ's dream machine! Suitable for the larger venue it produces music that you can not only hear, you can feel it as well! The sound quality is as good as it gets and it is capable of producing impact that you can lose yourself in.

Power levels up to and over 20,000 watts are no problem but we may need to hire a truck to get it to you! The full system has a speaker stack that dwarfs most, in fact depending on how we set it up, we may need a ladder to reach the top enclosure!

We drive all this with a twin CD deck, CDJ1000 CD players or SL1200 professional turntables, a computer music system or all three combined. Its your choice. If you would prefer we are quite happy fpr you tp provide the front end yourself. The overall concept is pitched at people intent on hosting a big, amazing party with the focus on the music and lighting. We can provide over 10,000 great tracks in 15 genres so there is plenty of music for all tastes and age groups from six to sixty.

This concept is not for the faint hearted and it doesn't come cheap. You will need a budget of between $1500 and $5000 to hire it and its attendants but you will be assured of a fantastic show. One of its many variations was hired by David Ritchwhite and Michael Fay for their annual Big Bash party on Great Mercury Island and we were asked back no less than eight times! Guys in their league don't mess around with amateurs.

As well as a mind boggling audio system, we also set up a very substantial light show that consists of almost every imaginable kind of light. Then we enhance it with smoke, bubbles, and several incredible lasers.

All in all you get the whole nine yards with this system and we never get any complaints. If you love music and dance and if you feel like you deserve a special experience for yourself and your like minded friends then this is for you. If you want to know more come in and have a chat with us. We will show you around, make you a coffee, and you can see this system for yourself and check out the options.

Why not combine with a few good friends or use your text network to scrape some funds together and throw one Hellova Party? if you have a life style block with a barn then you have the perfect location for a function of this kind. We will guarantee you a fantastic night if you can get a good crowd together! We have NEVER had a disappointment, so you have nothing to loose by talking to us


If you are interested in throwing a part that  will be remembered by all who attend, then make sure you call us now on PH: 444 8776 or email us on [email protected]

The systems front end.

We will take it anywhere if you aere happy to cover our frieght cost!

A Barn Dance.


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