Audio and Backline for Artif Aslam Concert at Logan Cambell Centre

Artif Aslam Concert at Logan Cambell Centre Pushed us to the Limit!

Stage Sound Provide The Audio and Backline for Artif Aslam Concert at Logan Cambell Centre

Our latest concert featured the Indian Rock Star Artif Aslam and this guy is one serious player indeed.We loaded our entire A rig into the venue 2 days early and sound checked on the Friday afernoon of the actual show. Artif brought with him a guitar 5 piece band and drummer and we provided them with an 8 send foldback mix which at present is as big as we go. We set up 8 bi-amped 15 inch floor wedges, 2 bi-amped 18 inch drum fills and a pair of double 15 inch side fills.

The main PA used all 8 of our coaxial horns with 4 subs per side. We also had a pair of mezz fills and 2 single 15 inch full range front fills at the centre stage position.

We were surprised at the low volume level of the bands full time engineers mix. He had no desire to turn up the level when I suggested he do so and the power amp indicatior leds stayed in the green all night.

The main desk was an outsourced Midas Herritage 3000 console that turned out to be rampant overkill because it was obvious the engineer had never used one before. We see so many riders writen by irresponsible sound companies trying to get their fancy equipment used when its just not needed at all. These huge jugernaught desks are a sea of superflous knobs and switches many of which are hardly ever used. They certainly look good but does the magnificent appearance alone justify the cost of using them? Personally I very much doubt it and as usual egos rule!

The crowd had a great time though and pushed impatiently up close to the front edge of the stage with dozens of camera's flashing furiously and their users making hundreds of illegal video clips.


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