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Mics and Myths


Mics and Myths

When you understand how microphones actually work it is difficult to see how a mic is supposed to work well in one application and yet not so well in another. While there is some truth in this statement it is often misrepresented in the extreme. In this article I will attempt to clarify the situation and show that microphones are actually far more flexible than is commonly realised.

Production Advice For Live Bands.


Production Advice For Live Bands.

Having done live sound engineering for bands for over 30 years I have at least some insight into what makes a good performance from the audiences point of view.

Why Buy Your New PA System From A Sound Company?

Why Buy Your New PA System From A Sound Company?

Buying a sound system if you are inexperienced leaves you completely exposed to the whims of the sales person, unless you are assisted by an individual who really does know his stuff. I'm not talking about the veritable loudmouth know it all who hasn't got a clue, I mean a person who has actually worked for a sound company and moved through the ranks to reach a position of respect.

Theatre Sound


Information paper for schools using sound reinforcement for school theatrical productions

Presented by: Paul Johansen. MD Stage Sound End Ltd

Ph: 09 444 8776

The following information has been compiled with our compliments for the use of teachers and amateur production managers who are actively involved in school theatrical or musical productions such as operetta.

System Failures


Dance Floor Sound Systems: Why They Fail and How to Avoid It.

By Paul Johansen. Owner Manager Stage Sound End ltd. Est. 1974.

Purchasing Used Sound Equipment


Buying Sound Equipment Second Hand.

Buying sound equipment second hand can be a somewhat daunting endeavour for the unwary. Here is an article that may take some of the stress out of the experience and put you in a position from which you will have a good idea of what to look for, what to test  for and hopefully, what to avoid.

Mixing to suit musical styles


A Chapter from My Book. “Live Engineering in New Zealand"

Getting the best results from foldback systems.



If you are a musician who is likely to play on a stage with a substantial fold back system this could be one of the most significant articles you will ever read.

It is very important that musicians understand the limitations of fold back systems so their expectations are contained within the limits of the system they are using.


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Undestanding Live Audio From a Rock Band's Perspective


Understanding Live Audio from a Rock Bands Perspective.

By: Paul Johansen.

The following article is intended in the main for musicians who have little or no experience of working with sound engineers and PA systems that are suitable for a full mic up with fold back and a front of house mix.

Do not buy a microphone until you have read this.


Do not buy a microphone until you have read this!

By Paul Johansen.



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