Equipment Repairs

Stage Sound is able to rely on very good technical staff that have had many years of experience in servicing all items of public address equipment. We charge a very reasonable $75 per hour labour rate and we fully guarantee all work for 3 months unless it is at the end of its useful life or is beyond redemption.

As well as PA equipment and loudspeaker enclosures, we are also happy to service most back line gear including guitar and keyboard amps. We will also repair technical faults on electric guitars including setting up the action. We have a collection of guitars in house that have had their actions setup by Paul and are a delight to play. Please feel free to ask to see and play these instruments. This will give you an idea of what can be achieved.

You can ask us for an estimate before we start and we will attempt to be as accurate as possible. If we cannot give you a quote we will tell you why in advance. Very often it takes almost as long to work out a quote as it does to fix the item. If we think you will be spending more than the item is worth to replace, we will not make a start on the repair work without your written permission.


Call us now on Ph: 444 8776 or email: [email protected] if you would like an opinion on any item you are considering repairing or replacing. You are under no obligation and you may learn a lot more than you think!


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