An example of a large school theatre installation by Stage Sound.

Large School sound system

Stage Sound was recently selected as the company to supply the sound system for the new drama theatre at Whangaporoa College on the Whangaporoa Peninsular. The new system will feature the highly specialised CFH 400 coaxial horn which is Paul Johansen's own development and this will be the first time two of them have been mounted horizontally inside a bass reflex sleeve. This modification has been incorporated to lower the cut off frequency to enable it to extend downwards in frequency to reproduce the full range vocal spectrum. The overall system is relatively comprehensive for a school as it uses no less than 5 large Mackie power amplifiers and 12 separate speaker enclosures. Two electronic crossovers were used to bi amp both speaker systems.

The design incorporates a central voice speaker described above, a stereo music playback system comprising 4 full range composite mid / hi speakers mounted on the walls of the auditorium together with a pair of dual 15 inch subs at floor level.

A pair of side fills composites on the side walls inside the stage cavity for show feed audio and a pair of floor monitors for vocal fold back for the singers.

Further to these systems there will be show feed sent to the dressing rooms and the foyer together with a split ring intercom system for stage management, sound and lighting control.

A 24 channel Yamaha mixing console will be situated in the sound booth and a small rack mounted 6 Chan Unmark I RU mixer for day to day use is mounted in the main amplifier rack. Two full patch panels provide great flexibility and the mic inputs are split into three groups around the stage cavity.

Stage Sound are proud to be associated with this important project which will see the school owning one of the most sophisticated sound system on the North Shore. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to headmaster Brian O'Connell for his wisdom in asking us to partake in this exciting project. We fitted out 5 music suites, a very large gymnasium, built a recording studio system and designed and installed the auditorium system.


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