New additions to our inventory improve flexibility.

New additions to our inventory improve flexibility.

New additions to our already large inventory have enabled us to increase our flexibility considerably.

This includes some new, very tall hoist stands that have crossbars capable of supporting a pair of 12 inch composite speakers on special gymbal bracketts. These new speaker systems are able to cover very wide areas due to the extreme angles the bracketts are designed to allow. The combination of the height they will rise to and their very wide horizontal coverage make them usefull in wide venues with large audiences that do not have a lot of floor space.

An amazing new animation laser we purchased recently will greatly improve our effects lighting capabillity. Not only is it very impressive in smoke but it also allows the projection of text onto a flat surface. It will also run in sound to light mode and change its patterns in time to the music. Its high power makes it a good inclusion in lights show where large venues are used.

A new eight channel lighting controller recently added to our range means we can now run our par can lighting system with up to eight different gel colours. It also allows the user to pre programe chase patterns as well as use it in sound to light mode or as a conventional dimmer with manual flash buttons and faders. It allows crossfading, auto dimming and has 10 pre set chase patterns with  speed  and level settings.


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