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Our Sales Policy and Promise to you.

If it’s just a good deal you are after let us quote you, we are seldom beaten on price but surely its far better to know that what you are getting is backed up by a company who cares about what they are selling! We have been in bussines for 40 years and have done overe 200 installations!

All equipment sold by Stage Sound ENT Ltd is all highly recommended by us. The idea has been to do the filtering and sorting for you. By knowing the market so well we are able to take the agony of choosing out of the exercise for you. We have examined every item we recommend very carefully to the extent that we often pull equipment apart to see how it is made internally before we recommend it and put our reputation behind it. We use sophisticated equipment such as an oscilloscope and audio analyzer in the various tests we do. Because of our extensive manufacturing background you can completely rely on this test procedure. If we do not like how it performs or we don’t like the build quality we will not recommend or sell it to under any circumstances. The way a piece of equipment looks, has little or nothing to do with how it performs and we will not not be biased by its appearance. If any item we sell you does not live up to its specifications, it will be exchanged without hesitation for another item that does, provided you return it with the invoice and it is in unmarked condition with the original box and packaging  intact, you can approach us for an exchange within a two week period. If a more expensive item is selected the purchaser must pay the difference but we will refund 100% on the first purchase. Full manufacturer’s warrantees will apply unless otherwise stated whether we have given you a discount or not. We do not represent all brands and deliberately choose not to as this enables us to focus more attention on those we do. The cross section of products we do recommend and sell, will allow us to complete any realistic system design.

The equipment we sell all has a warrantee that in some cases Stage Sound will double. All items sold by us are imported by the approved local agent and have not been parallel imported so you can buy with total confidence. If you ever have a failure using a piece of equipment supplied by us, we will always do whatever we can to help get you through an event, a booking or performance


We represent and sell.

  • Microphones.
  • Mixers.
  • Processors.
  • Powered mixers.
  • Power amplifiers.
  • Loudspeakers systems.
  • Ancillary equipment.
  • General hardware.


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