Ellerslie Flower Show

Ellerslie Flower Show

Stage Sound had the good fortune this year to be appointed as the preferred audio video supplier to the recently staged Ellerlie Flower Show. (See also this image.) Our new appointment meant we would need to assemble five separate sound systems with two requiring video presentation. This was a new area for us but with a recent and most fortunate addition to our contract staff, namely Anthony Brown, this new area of responsibility was never going to be a problem for us. Anthony who is ex D and A Audio Visual Ltd looked after the Speaker series tent which housed a video projector interfaced to a laptop running MS Power Point and a Media presentation device. It also utilised an audio system with a pair of wireless haemic.

Long term soundman Bob Campbell looked after the entertainment stage which featured a wide variety of acts including Brass and Jazz Bands, numerous school choirs and some solo artists. As he so often does, Bob recorded some of the more professional acts on a mini disc recorder.

I looked after the newly added Fisher and Payne Cooking Demonstration stage in place at the ESF for the first time. This area required us to provide a 42 inch LCD and a video camera together with an audio system and several wireless haemic. This new stage fortunately ran smoothly and proved very popular with men and women alike. The two highly experienced chefs Chris and Paul entertained large audiences each time they performed and their comical adlib style was well received by all who sat through a cooking lesson.

The other two areas we accommodated where the 'Ask an Expert’ and 'Yates Stage'.  I also looked after the 'Floral Art' demonstration area.

An unexpected event added some light entertainment when on the second morning a very large and ancient Totowa tree lost a huge branch during a storm the night before and very quickly ended up looking like this! And we thought the show was all about preserving the vegetation!

There were some superb garden displays such as this one that won a Silver Guilt award at the famous English Chelsea Flower Show last year. See also this image. And this amazing contribution by some tech students and this one that had a pair of white Daffodils that actually smiled at the camera. Bronwyn and I also thought these two hand formed copper palm fronds were something quite special.

All in all our first venture into AV went very well indeed and our long standing relationship with SMC Group was once again mutually beneficial. Our thanks to Dave Me for his confidence in Stage Sound and to all his support staff who where a pleasure to work with.


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