Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

equipment hire

Sound systems of all types and sizes from 400 watt party systems to 50,000 watt live concert rigs, tin horns, guitar amps, bass amps, mics, stands, radio mics, recorders, lighting systems and effects lights, lasers, projectors and screens, LCD screens, lecterns, stages, risers, popup tents.

We think you will agree that Stage Sound's Hire Department offers excellent value for money and has a wide range of equipment for numerous applications and budgets. This includes some highly specialised sound systems for unusual or difficult applications. Hire one of our larger systems and we will toss in some lights at no charge!

If you are in any doubt about how to go about planning a large event that involves sound and lighting systems then please let us assist you with this. We have established a vast network of contacts over the years and we only work with those who we feel represent the best bang for the buck for our clients. This does not mean they come dirt cheap, because we have never once met a client who wanted an event based on dirt! But we do know we can trust their dedication and that they are very unlikely to let us or you down.  

We will quote you for delivery anywhere on the planet and may even charge you nothing if you are using the system locally.

Dee Jays, sound engineers, MC's and bands are all available on request.  We have hosted numerous large events and functions that have

been very enjoyable indeed!

We are looking for a client with a nice barn who would like to host an exciting private party with a substancial sound and lighting system and if we aquire another booking as a result of your event we will refund 30% of the cost.

Please contact Paul on ph: 444 8776 to discuss the possibilities. 

Please note: (Small orders only.) We have a minimum charge of $45 to cover our admin costs.  After hours opening fee: $75:00.

Description: (Sample systems only and may be changed to suit your special needs.)
Price *
Party Music Playback systems with 800 watts of amplification. 2 way 15" speakers. (Big sound!) Supplied with 4 speakers if required.
Disco systems with SL1200 turntables or a dual CD mixer. Includes 400 or 800 watt PA! Price indicative only dependent on your equipment selection.
Disco systems with 5000 watts of bi-amplification. Set up to your spec. Lights optional. Huge selection available including scanners and lasers.
$850 *
PA system suitable for micing up a full band. (Comprehensive.) Exp users only. Delivery and operator optional. Lights available also.   From.
Small vocal PAs with powered mixer and 2 x 12 inch speakers. Budget system for small halls. Mics stands etc optional.
Vocal PAs, 600 watts per chan with 2 wedges and 15 inch composite main speakers. Mics, stands, DI's etc. optional.                             From.
A large B type rig for a live band 24 channel 10,000 watt FOH+FX with 2 subs and 4 x bi-amped wedges. Engineer inclusive.
Large concert type A rig with on stage fold back mix for big crowd’s setup and up operated. Or use your own engineer. Serious productions or corporate events etc in Logan Cambel type venue's.  Lighting system optional. These larger systems are based on negotiations with our client and very depending on venue size and act requirements.  
$4500 *

* Prices start from those listed and all are plus GST. (If you get a better price tell us and we will try to beat it.)

Call Paul or Bron anytime for a no obligation quote for all your  Audio, Video, Lighting and Staging needs. Ph: 444 8776. Or Mob: 0274 857 691. 

Or email: [email protected]

Scroll list of individual items.

 (Minimum admin charge $45.)

Microphones, ancillary equipment

DI Boxes
Handheld Mics
Shotgun Mics
Percussion Mics
Boundary Mics
Recording Mics
Radio Mics
$15 p/day
N.C with System
$15 p/day
$15 p/day
$25 p/day
$85 P/day. 9 mic kit.
From $35 p/day

Wireless mics: (All quantity deals negotiable.)

Lapel Mics VHS
Handheld VHS
Headset Mics UHF
Shure Beta 58 UHF Micro
Link Transmitter and Reciever. Up to 400 meters on pole
$35 p/day *
$45 p/day *
$55 p/day
$50 p/day **
$85 p/day

Packages for radio mics priced to suit your budget. Call us and let us help you choose the solution that best suits your project. Term hire rates are negotiable and depend on term length and quantity of mics.

* Prices dependent on quantity and time frames
** POA dependant on quantity

Miscellaneous: (Prices and availability may vary depending on our workload.)

Acitve and Passive DI Boxes
Mixers large and small. Disco, vocal or concert
Effects units, compressors and equializers
Powered mixers and power amplifiers
Loudspeaker enclosures 12" 2 ways
Loudspeaker enclosures 15" 2 ways
Lectern and Microphone
Zoom H4n digital 4 channel recorder
24 channel PC based recorder
Lights, mirror balls, flower pots, stobes, and scanners
Power invertors 600 watt
Generators for outdoor use 2kw
Projector 2000 asi lumens with stand mounted screen


$15 each p/day *
$45 to $120 p/day *
$60 per unit p/day *
$75 to $120 p/day *
$90 pair p/day *
$120 pair p/day *
$85 p/day
$80 p/day *
$250 p/day *
POA ($15 - $40 p/.day each)
$35 p/day *
$150 p/day *
$150 p/day

$45 p/day

* Prices for hire starting from, please enquire for more information.


Live band mixers 12 Chan to 32 Chan
DJ mixers. Numark, Behringer and more
Conference and small powered mixers
Sound craft 32 Chan recording console
Allen and Heath GL2800 - 32 Channel
Allen and Heath GL2400 - 16 Channel
Allen and Heath GL2000 - 24 Channel
Sound craft Folio SX 12 Channel
Sound craft Notepad - 6 Channel
$50 p/day *
$45 p/day *
$50 p/day *
$120 p/day
$150 p/day
$75 p/day
$90 p/day
$50 p/day
$45 p/day

* Prices for hire starting from, please enquire for more information.


Reverb units. RC M300
SPX 990 Yamaha
DSP's. DR260 DBX
Compressors. DBX
Noise gates
Graphic equialisers. BSS
Spectrum Analyser. KT
Electronic crossovers
$65 p/day
$75 p/day
$64 p/day
$50 p/day
$40 p/day
$80 p/day
$120 p/day
$65 p/day

Powered Mixers: Vocal PA's from as little as $120+GST per day. Delivery optional from $50 local area.

6 channel 300w stereo/mono. Yorkville MP6 (head unit only)
8 channel 600w stereo with FX. Yorkville SP8 (head unit only)
Yamaha EMX 512 SC 8 mic chans. 500 wrms per channel
Roland PA200 6 mic chans 4 stereo chans (200 watts p/chan)
Optional 12" or 15" stand speakers or floor monitors
$65 p/day
$85 p/day
$120 p/day
$75 p/day
$90 pair p/day *

* Prices for hire starting from, please enquire for more information.

Power Amplifiers: from $60 per day.\

200 watts per channel
500 watts per channel
1000 watts per channel
1400 watts per channel
3200 watts per channel
$65 p/day
$75 p/day
$120 p/day
$140 p/day
$160 p/day

Loudspeaker Enclosures types:

  • 12" from $90  per day per pair. 
  • 15" from $120 per day per pair.
  • 18" W bins from $100 per per pair.
  • 12 and 15 inch stand composites - plastic or plywood composite. All with compression drivers.
  • Very high performance B and C coaxial horn composites 107 db watt meter. 1000 watts!
  • Dual 15 inch 1000 watt subs.
  • Single 15 inch 400 watt subs.
  • 1000 watt 18 inch folded horn subs. W bins.
  • 12 and 15 inch full range and bi amped floor wedges. One and two inch drivers.
  • 2 x 15 inch with 2 inch horn bi amped composites.
  • 2 x 12 inch with 2 inch horn bi amped composites.
  • 18" and 2" horn drum fill.
  • 2 x Single 12" cross bar hoist stand speaker systems. (Optional dual 15" subs.) Wide coverage.
  • 2 x Self powered 10 inch 2 way enclosures
  • 15" coaxial passive bass reflex full range composite enclosures.
  • Single 8" self powered monitor speakers.
  • Single 4" self powered monitor speakers.

Megaphones: $45 + GST per day or $85 + GST per week.

Operated Systems:

Stage Sound is happy to provide sound systems of all sizes, prepared, delivered and then operated for all types of functions. We specialise in live bands needing a full mic up.  We will also record meetings or live bands in situ at very cost effective prices. Weddings and 21st functions to any specification are undertaken including a huge music selection and special effects lighting. We are happy to travel with the equipment and set it up and operate at any location including the ferries or the Hauraki Gulg Islands. We can also provide stages, blacks and risers.

We can provide dance and party music with Karaoke if required to any power levels indoors or outdoors. Operated for you or drive yourself systems to suit. Let us quote you. We will set up and operate conference type systems to order at very competitive rates.

  • Disco and Band lighting available.
  • Intelligent scanners, disco lights and mirror balls, strobes with smoke machines etc. From $15 to $45 per day per light.
  • Lasers, single and two colour from $35 per day. Pro 1 super high performance 100 mw animated laser $95.
  • Spot lights, stands and controllers. From $320 per day. (8 can single phase system. 6000 watt tall hoist stand system with high light output.)
  • Single and three phase band lighting available on request. From $250 for 4 x 1000 watt par 64 cans with controller.
  • Stages, risers and crowd barriers available on request. We will fully produce a show if asked to. POA

8 x 5 metre extended curtain slider truck stage from as little as $1250+GST. NZ's cheapest 8 mtr fully covered stage!!

Prices subject to change without notice. All prices plus GST .Operation, delivery, set up and collection optional. POA

Please call and talk to us about your lighting requirements large or small. If we are unable to meet your spec we will refer you to an associated company who can.

Band Lighting System or moderate theatrical applications.

  • 2 x Kupo hoist stands with step. Three metre extended height.
  • Push up stands with bars.
  • 8 x 750 watt cans.
  • 1000 watt par cans inc gels with 4 chan dimmer.
  • 2 x pre wired bars with 8 chan inbuilt dimmers with remote controler, cables etc.
  • 12 channel dimmer chaser controller.
  • All cables required supplied price inclusive.
  • Various cyc's, spots and theatrical luminaries. From $15 per day per can.
  • Large broad beam focusable spot light 1000 watts on stand. $40 per day.

We have a sophisticated but easy to operate lighting system in a different league to the typical band kit. It is far brighter and more like a three phase system but very easy to set up and pull down. $320 per day. You collect and return. Price negotiable for longer terms.

Band Equipment. (Back line) Guitar and Bass Amps. 

Fender Pro 185
Fender BX 60 Bass amp
Fender BXR 300C Bass amp
Double 15" bass sub enclosures
Holden Graphic 200. Vintage amp
Pacific 5 piece drum kit
$75 p/day - $150 p/week
$45 p/day - $100 p/week
$65 p/day - $150 p/week
$55 p/day - $250 p/week
$55 p/day - $120 p/week
$150 p/day - $450 p/week

A Rig Inventory List.

Possibly New Zealnds best value for money large event sound system! Trucked setup and operated for you.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use to crowds of two to twenty thousand people. Very clear high impact sound and for all types of music. Referances available.Assembled to suit the venue or your sound pressure level requirements.    

Console options.            



Allen and Heath GL 2800 32 x  chan mixing console.

48 x chan Midas Heritage 3000 optional. POA.

I-Live 48 chan digital mixer. (Optional.)

FOH effects rack. 

  • 1 x Flight case.
  • 1 x DBX Dr260 Driverack crossover unit.                
  • 1 x Power distro condioner unit.                                                    
  • 1 x Balanced line driver.                                                                  
  • 1 x BSS Opal dual 31 band FOH graphic EQ.                                    
  • 6 x DBX 166 2 x Chan compressors.(More available to suit)                                                            
  • 2 x Yamaha SPX 990.                                                        
  • 2 x TC Electronic M 300 multi effect.                                                   
  • 1 x Lexicon Alex effect unit.                                                                
  • 2 x Drawmer 4 chan noise gates.                                                                            
  • 1 x Pioneer or Sony CD player.                                                        
  • 1 x Patch loom.                                                                          
  • 2 x Insert looms. 
  • 1 x 32 way splitting multicourse on cable drum. (150 ft.)

Drive System 

  • 2 x 3 way 10,000 watts RMS incremental power amplifiers. (20,000 watts total plus fold back amps.)
  • 2 x bi amped power amp racks (fold back system.) Up to 8,000 wrms. Up to 8 bi-amped foldback lines.
  • 1 x 2000 watts RMS bi-amped drum fill amplification.

Fold back System

  • 1 x GL2800 32 x chan  12 x send fold back desk. 

2nd Effects Rack

  • 1 x 16U flight case. (Fold back).
  • 4 x BSS Opal dual 31 band graphics EQ? S. (More available to suit.)
  • 1 x TC M300 reverb for fold back FX.
  • 1 x Dual 100 watt listen back power amp.
  • 1 x Clark Technical spectrum analyser.  
  • 1 x Listen back wedge.

Fold back Speaker System 

  • 12 x 15inch two way fold back wedges.          
  • 4 x 12 inch two way fold back wedges.(Optional)                                        
  • 2 x Single 18 inch sub cab and 2 inch horn composite bi-amped drum fill speaker box.
  • 1 x Powered wireless coms system.      

Main Speaker System (Customised to suit venue)

  • 8 x CFH 800 coaxial 12 inch horn enclosures. B and C speakers.  (More available to suit.)
  • 16 x W bins with 1000 watt 18 inch woofers.     (To suit venue.)                                 
  • 2 x Dual 15 and 2 inch horn front fills.                 (Optional.) Subs optional
  • 2 x Dual 12 and 2 inch horn side fills.                 (Optional.) Subs optional

 Mics Stands etc. More available to suit act.

  • 4 x Shure BetaA 58 UHF radio mics. (optional)
  • 8 x Shure Beta 58 mics.    
  • 4 x Shure SM58 mics.                                                          
  • 6 x Shure SM57 mics.                                                          
  • 3 x AKG   D330 Tom mics.                                                               
  • 1 x Shure Beta 52 or   
  • 2 x SM91 kick mics.   
  • 1 x Audio Technica AT 31.    
  • 2 x AKG D880 instrument mics.
  • 4 x Sennhieser e609 instrument mics.
  • 2 x Shure SM81 overhead mics                                                                         
  • 4 x Coutryman active DI boxes.                                                            
  • 4 x Director passive DI boxes.  
  • 3 x Ashton active DI boxes.

10 x assorted radio mics with lapel, headmic or hand held tranmitters for theatrical productions.  

General Inventory.

  • 30 x assorted mic stands, boom, floor or small floor.                                                               
  • 30 x speaker cables.                                                                        
  • 45 x mic cables.                                                                        
  • 2 x on stage fold back mix looms.                                                
  • 3 x cable sub trunks.                                                                         
  • 1 x mic case.                                                                                     
  • 15 x mains cables and patch boxes.                                                      
  • 10 x shorter mains cables.                                                             
  • All loose patching cabling etc.  

 B Rig Inventory List: 

 (From $1250 set up and engineered.) 

Good compact but very powerful giging or touring rig for full mic up applications

in medium sized venues. Subs are used as stands for the composite top end.

(Optional combinations to suit your requirements.)

  • 1 x Allen and Heath GL2000 24 Chan mixing console.
  • FOH Effects Rack.
  • 14 U FX rack with illumination.
  • 1 x CD player.
  • 1 x TC Electronics M300.
  • 1 x Yamaha Rev 100.
  • 1 x Ashley dual compressor. 
  • 1 x Art dual 15 band graphic FOH EQ.
  • 1 x BSS dual 31 band graphic fold back EQ.
  • 1 x Patch loom and insert cables.

Drive system.

  • 1 x 5000 watt 3 way FOH power amp rack.
  • 1 x Bi amped fold back amp rack to suit.
  • 1 x 1000 watt bi amped drum fill amp.

Fold back speakers. (On stage 6 send foldback mix available.)

  • 4 x Bi amped 12 inch and 1 inch horn wedges.
  • 1 x 18 inch and 2 inch horn drum fill.

Main FOH speaker system.

  • 2 x Dual 15 inch and inch horn speakers. Or 2 x 12 inch and 2 inch horn composite spurs.
  • 4 x 18 inch W bins.

Microphones, stands, DIs and sub trunks to suit requirements.


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