Planar mid high component project.

Planar mid high component project.

For the last six months Paul Johansen has been busy with the development of a planar high frequency transducer.

This device is now working and is in the testing stages of its R and D cycle.

Anyone who has an interest in this technology is welcome to call and enquire about this project. We are interested in talking to partners who would be interested in marketting this and other speaker components overseas.

This is the first time a component such as this has been developed in Australaisia and it utilises some state of the art materials such as Toenex film and specially made neodymium magnets.

The first prototype has a frequency response of 1kHz to 20kHz and a peak music power handling capabillity of 1000 watts. Like all planars it has a cylindrical phase coherant coverage pattern making it the ultimate mid high component for line array speaker systems.

Paul will shortly begin working on a midrange version to complete the range.


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