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Playback Rigs


His era when seriously powerful disco systems were in use was the eighties. Noise control was not a worry and Stage Sound built most of the large playback rigs around Auckland during that 10 year period.

Getting The Best From Radio Microphones


Radio microphones have the huge advantage of having no cable to worry about giving you the freedom, up to a point, to roam around as you please unhindered by an annoying lead. This may well be of considerable benefit but there are certain problems and limitations with radio mics that it pays to know about.

They all have a limited range and this varies considerably depending to some extent on frequency but also the performance of individual microphones both in terms of quality characteristics and brand name in a particular environment.

Blowing the Whistle on the Great Audio Conspiracy

By: Paul Johansen

Design Fundamentals

In the design of an audio system we need to provide a high level of clarity or legibility for all the recipients in our audience with an even distribution of sound throughout the auditorium. This must sometimes be done bearing certain visual restraints in mind as in the case of a church that has stringent aesthetic requirements as the result of the artist nature of the architecture. Once these restrictions are taken into account we may have to accept some severe compromises in the quality of the final result.

Stage Sound assist with Riverhead Slides DVD shoot.


Nov 23 2009

Stage Sound was recently invited to assist with a new DVD for the Auckland based Blues Band Riverhead Slide at Centerstage Orewa. This took the form of a live concert with an invited audience.

Since the completion of this project in November 2009 the distribution of this DVD has been picked up by Rover Marble owner of the Marbecs CD stores. Rojer described the finished product as being the best NZ made DVD he has seen so far.

An example of a large school theatre installation by Stage Sound.

Large School sound system

An example of a theatrical production we were involved with.


Oliver at Whanagaporoa College.

Stage Sound Dance Floor System refuses to go wrong!


We were asked about ten years by Mr Chris Yates (owner of Club Puma in Patmore) to provide a large dance floor sound system for his busy Polynesian Nightclub. The system utilises 8 loudspeaker enclosures including 4 x 18 inch W Bins.

The amazing thing is that this system was already about 15 years old when we installed it!

An example of a large gymnasium fit out by Stage Sound.

An example of a large gymnasium fit out by Stage Sound.

Stage Sound have recently completed a sound installation in one of the largest school gymnasiums in NZ.

The planar high frequency transducer concept.


The planar high frequency transducer concept.

Planar loudspeakers or ribbons (as they are known in the Hi Fi world) are not a new idea but some of the materials that make their construction practical and their performance reliable are. As of now there are very few reasons why planars should not become the high frequency component of choice in the vast majority of modern loudspeaker systems. Conventional magnetic gap and circular coil designs only dominate because this has long been the accepted way of doing things.


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